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Dadbod Restomod Move It and Lose It Fat Loss

One of the biggest problems for most of us as we age is we are just not as pliable as we used to be. We don't bend as well. We can't stretch as far. We start to creak like an old Buick's doors everytime we try to do anything. This program addresses that with mobility every day. There are two reasons for this. First, if you don't use it you lose it. So we are going to use our body and take it through the full range of motion. Second, it really does burn calories without having to spend mind-numbing minutes on the treadmill. This is written as a six day a week program but it can be done as few as two workouts a week as an add on to other programs or broken into as many days as you need to so you can get your workout to fit your life.

Plan Includes

  • Four weeks of Fat Loss focused mobility workouts

  • Minimal Equipment Required

  • Bonus Low Back Health Mini-Workouts

  • Macrobased Nutrition Plan

How it works

  • Once you register for this plan, it will load automatically to your calendar.
  • Contact Coach through the app to get program aligned with your schedule
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