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Unleash your inner athlete with the Wild Physique Strong and Functional program – a dynamic Push-Pull regimen meticulously crafted to sculpt strength, power, and athletic prowess. Engage in the explosive movements of Olympic lifts, cultivate endurance with Girevoy Sport techniques, build raw strength through Powerlifting, and refine aesthetics with targeted Bodybuilding exercises. This comprehensive program integrates the best of the various strength sports disciplines I have competed in. By blending kettlebells from Girevoy Sport, the dynamic explosiveness of Olympic Weightlifting, the sheer brute force of Powerlifting, and the muscular development Bodybuilding the Strong and Functional program offers a well-rounded, performance-focused training experience. This holistic approach not only hones pushing and pulling muscles but also cultivates a physique that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Elevate your fitness game, redefine your athletic potential, and embody the essence of the Wild Physique – where strength meets endurance, power meets precision, and every workout is a step towards optimal performance.

Plan Includes

  • Four Weeks of the Strong and Functional Program

  • Four main workouts for the week (2 Push and 2 Pull)

  • Unlimited Q&A through the in app messaging

  • Custom modification to meet your unique schedule

  • 6 months of access to the program (Restart/Repeat as much as you need to!)

  • Macro-based nutrition programming to meet your goals

How it works

  • Once you purchase the program I will upload the program to your app.
  • I will reach out to you (in-app or via email) to see when you want the full program to start and will adjust to fit your schedule.
  • I will answer any questions you may have at that time.
  • Once you are into the training program, feel free to reach out to ask any questions you may have.
4 weeks

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