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Wild Physique Booty Bliss with Bodyweight

"Introducing the Wild Physique Booty Bliss Program – a sculpting journey designed to unlock the full potential of your glutes and transform your lower body into a powerhouse. This dynamic bodyweight workout regimen combines targeted exercises, strategic movements, and proven techniques to shape, lift, and strengthen your backside. With a focus on form and functionality, Booty Bliss goes beyond aesthetics, promoting not just visual enhancements but also improved stability and performance. Embrace the burn, redefine your curves, and experience the joy of a stronger, more confident you with the Wild Physique Booty Bliss Program – where sculpting the perfect derrière meets the art of functional fitness."

Plan Includes

  • 6 Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts

  • The Impact Bodyweight HIIT program

  • The Ripped and Muscular Meal Plan

  • Unlimited Q&A through the in app chat

How it works

  • After purchase, Coach Kahle will load the program onto your calendar.
  • Reach out to get the program tailored to your schedule.
  • Bust your butt to Unleash Those Glute Gainz!
6 weeks

One Time Payment



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