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Wild Physique Ripped and Muscular Three

This is one of my all-time best selling programs. Originally used with physique and figure competitors to get them ready to show their stuff on stage. It became one of the most popular body transformation programs in my arsenal. I am excited to put it on the Wild Physique app because it will keep your rest period timed and your workout pace up. This is one of the secrets to how effective this program is--High metabolic demand & Burning calories and fat during your weight training. This is Phase Three designed to follow Ripped and Muscular Two with no break.

Plan Includes

  • Ripped and Muscular Meal Plan

  • 4 weeks of Metabolic Hypertrophy

  • Unlimited in-app messaging to get your questions answered.

How it works

  • Once signed up, coach will get your workouts onto your calendar and the meal plan will be added to your calendar.
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