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The Wild Physique Hypertrophy Phase represents a meticulously structured and intense 3-week bodybuilding program designed to specifically stimulate muscle growth and hypertrophy. This phase employs a strategic blend of high-volume training, progressive overload, and targeted muscle group splits. Each week focuses on specific muscle groups, rotating between upper body and lower body allowing adequate time for recovery and targeted muscle development. The regimen also incorporates strategic rest days and emphasizes proper nutrition and sufficient sleep to optimize muscle recovery and growth. With its emphasis on volume, intensity, and variation, the Wild Physique Hypertrophy Phase aims to push the body beyond its limits, promoting significant muscle growth and sculpting a well-defined physique within the 3-week timeframe.

Plan Includes

  • Eighteen Bodybuilding Workouts

  • The Lean and Mean Cardio Program

  • Macro Based Nutrition Plan

  • In App Messaging to answer any questions you might have.

How it works

  • Your program will become available once payment is completed.
  • Message Coach Kahle if you need the calendar adjusted to meet your schedule
3 weeks

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