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Mega-Pump 4x4 Program

There are two ways to add size to your physique. You add new muscle by inducing protein synthesis and forcing your body to grow. You cause your muscle cells to volumize by pushing blood flow into the muscle and increase the sarcoplasm in the muscle fibers. This program does both. Using a variable rep pyramid followed by a high rep pump set, each exercise is set up to first demand the muscle get bigger and stronger then pump up the volume with a flushing set for a skin stretching pump. Fast paced and high volume, this program will get you the gains you need to UNLEASH YOUR WILD PHYSIQUE!

Plan Includes

  • 4 weeks of total body training

  • Unlimited electronic support through in-app messaging

  • A basic, macro based meal plan and eating guide

How it works

  • Once you are enrolled, the program will be added to your calendar.
  • Coach will contact you regarding your meal plan.
  • Please allow 24 hours for the program to be initiated.
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