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This is a quick 10 to 20 minute a day program for those looking to get a little metabolic kick everyday or just get a workout in on your busy schedule. Five days a week workout with weekends to rest for six weeks.

Plan Includes

  • 10 Minute HIIT is a 6 week program that will get you sweating, having fun, and burning massive calories - quickly & efficiently - in just 10 minutes a day. PERFECT for the busy people who say they ‘don’t have time’ to exercise.

  • This program is designed for INTERMEDIATE level exercisers - as we do move fast, and with intensity. There are modifications offered for those who prefer to stay non-impact.

  • There are 10 workout videos included with this program.

  • 7 are HIIT workouts - Upper Hiit, Cardio Hiit, Core Hiit, Lower Hiit, Power Hiit, MMA Hiit, Total Hiit

  • Then we have a session for Pilates, another for YOGA, and the last is a delicious STRETCH & recovery session.

  • Phase ONE is SINGLES - where you will do 1 session a day.

  • Phase TWO is DOUBLES! You'll be rocking out 2 back to back 10 minute sessions - doubling up the work, the intensity, and results!

  • Equipment needed - most workouts do not need equipment in this program, but it is recommended to have a few dumbbells, a mini loop band, and a yoga mat or soft surface

How it works

  • You will recieve a link to download the PDF Success Guide that corresponds to the program that inculdes the workouts plus a nutrition guide.
6 weeks

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